A program that supports impact-oriented incubators and accelerators in the Asia-Pacific region by building their capabilities through partnerships with global leaders in the field.

Photo of the team and participants

Frontier Incubators is a capacity building program for incubators and accelerators with an impact focus working in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

The program received more than 100 applications from across the Asia-Pacific. From these applications, 31 accomplished incubator and accelerator organisations were selected.  

These incredible Frontier Incubators Participants provide innovative and impactful support to entrepreneurs in 17 different countries.

They range from coworking community hubs and education-based accelerator platforms, to private-sector organisations and gender-specific business incubators.

While they vary in focus, structure, and origin, these organisations have one thing in common: all are seeking to improve their programs, strengthen their business models, and build the ecosystems in which they operate.

Through a needs assessment process, each participant organisation was matched with capacity-building partners to support them with a program of one-on-one mentorship, intensive team training sessions, and a range of webinars covering key themes. 

These Frontier Incubators Program Partners - sourced from around the world - are mature incubators and accelerators with valuable skills and experience, and a willingness to assist with the development of other organisations.

Guide to impact incubation and acceleration

Two interactive new resources for incubators and accelerators have been developed from the wealth of information shared in the capacity-building component of Frontier Incubators.

The Guide to Impact Incubation and Acceleration: Collaborative Insights and Strategies in the Asia-Pacific and the Gender Lens Incubation and Acceleration (GLIA) Toolkit.

These resources combine some of the best insights, tools, frameworks and strategies from the Frontier Incubators Program Partners and Participants, and are an essential read for any intermediaries with an impact-focus in the Asia-Pacific.

Both resources will be available in December 2019.

The Frontier Incubators program is delivered by, SecondMuse and ygap.

Frontier Incubators is part of the Scaling Frontier Innovation program, an initiative of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which supports social enterprises to scale their development impact in the Indo-Pacific region.

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