Frontier Incubators is a search for innovative incubators and accelerators in the Asia-Pacific that are delivering impact through their work that supports the Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s innovationXchange is being delivered by Conveners, SecondMuse and ygap.

Frontier Incubators will unfold following these steps:

(1) outreach across the Asia-Pacific region to secure applications,

(2) evaluation of applications and selection of a cohort, and

(3) the design and delivery of capability building programs.

We have assembled a group of program partners to guide the process, and to design and deliver world-class support. These global leaders in incubation and acceleration will be your trainers and mentors if you are selected to participate.

The incubators and accelerators selected to participate in the program will receive a program of tailored capacity building. This will consist of:

  • A week of intensive training workshops with program partners

  • Access to a community of expert mentors to guide and advise you on developing your program/services

  • A customised capacity building program, designed and delivered by a select partner who will work closely with your team over the program duration

  • Opportunities to work with investors, participate in related programs, and build your network

What Is On Offer

  • Flower with coins flying in
    Tailored training for your organisation, designed and delivered by global leaders in incubation and acceleration
  • Flower with rain
    Access to a community of expert mentors and advisors
  • Many flowers
    Opportunities to work with investors, build your network, and to participate in other DFAT programs


Q. How do we define incubators or accelerators?

A. Incubators and accelerators share a set of program characteristics that distinguish them from other forms of capacity development services. Specifically, they are time-limited programs that work with “cohorts” or “classes” of enterprises to provide mentorship and training, with a special emphasis on connecting early stage enterprises with investment (source: GALI). To be eligible for this program your program will need to share some of these characteristics. Please contact us if you have any questions about your organisation’s eligibility.


Q. What do we mean by impact?

A. Broadly speaking, this is about contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. We have a strong preference for organisations that are measuring their impact.


Q. Is it necessary to be incorporated as an organisation to participate in the program?

A. Yes, if you are not currently incorporated you will need to do so in order to participate. Please contact us if this will prevent you from applying, as we may be able to assist.


Q. Who will provide the training, mentoring, and support?

A. The program partners - these global leaders in the field of incubation and acceleration will be your trainers and mentors if you are selected to participate. They will design and deliver world-class support to help strengthen your program and improve your services.


Q. Is there prize money or grant funding attached to the program?

A. While we will cover associated costs (e.g. travel and lodging required to participate), you will not receive any direct funding. Please contact us if this will prevent you from applying.


Q. How many organisations will be selected to participate in the program?

A. This will depend on the applications received, but we expect the cohort to consist of 10-20 participants from across the region.


Q. Will this program be conducted in Australia, or can it also be arranged in-country where we are located?

A. The program will begin with an in-person workshop with the selected participants and our program partners in a central location in Asia (likely Singapore or Thailand), during which customised programs will be designed for each participant. Training and mentoring will then be delivered in alignment with the needs of the participant, but this won't take place in Australia. It will be remotely delivered, and/or delivered in-country and on-site.


Q. What will be the terms of participation / the expectations?

A. Essentially, this is a competition. The prize is a capacity building program delivered by one (or more) of our partners. We expect selected participants to attend meetings, join calls, and provide feedback to support monitoring, evaluation and learning efforts. Beyond this, expectations around your participation will vary, as the program may look different for each participant. If you are selected your support will be designed with you, to meet your needs and reflect your constraints. Please email us at [email protected] if you have additional questions.


Q. How many individuals will be considered for inclusion in the program per incubator? And who will be expected to participate? (e.g. managers or directors)

A. Our budget means we are limited to support travel for 1-2 people per program for the workshop in November 2018, but the customised mentoring and training programs delivered after this workshop will be designed with an aim to build the capacity of the broader team.

Q. What details can you provide about the time and resources required between November 2018 and June 2019?

A. We will invite up to two leadership team members to join us in-person for a week long workshop in November 2018.  This will be an incredible opportunity to connect with program partners in person, gain access to tailored training materials, and build relationships with program managers (i.e. leaders of other enterprise support organisations, incubators or accelerators around the Asia-Pacific). Following the workshop you will be matched with one (or possibly more) of the program partners for training, mentoring and support that will run from December 2018 through May 2019. The structure and intensity of this program will vary as the support will designed to meet your needs and reflect your constraints.

For example, you might receive weekly or fortnightly mentoring delivered remotely (e.g. via skype) and two-weeks of intensive training delivered on-site to you and your team. On the other hand, another approach may be better suited to your situation. The program, following the workshop in November, will be flexible.

Q. We are headquartered in a developed country but invest in and support social enterprises in the Asia Pacific. Are we eligible to apply?

A. While your program appears eligible, there is a preference for locally managed and staffed programs, with consistent presence (or programming) on the ground. This doesn't exclude you, but we feel obliged to mention it. If, for example, an organisation establishes programs that are then run by local teams, this would be prioritised over a foreign-run program.

Q. Is the any cash or is it only non financial support?

A. There is currently no direct funding associated with the program, but we will cover costs associated with participating.


Q. Who will deliver the capacity building support?

A. Our program partners are a group of leaders in the field of social enterprise / impact business acceleration from around the globe. Announcements will be made shortly about the specific organisations and shared in the “Partners” section of the website. In addition to this group we will procure experts in related fields as needed, to complement the group's experience.


Q. English is not our first language, are we still eligible to participate?

A. The program will be delivered in English and in order to benefit from the training, mentorship and resources provided, it is recommended that the leadership team members who are participating in the program have good command of English. However, if this prevents you from applying please reach out to us at [email protected].


Q. We might not be eligible for this program, are there other ways we can receive support?

A. Our program seeks to share / open-source the training materials and we will work with our partners to localise these resources where possible, in order to benefit a greater cohort of incubators and accelerators in the region. To be notified of these updates, we still encourage you to apply to the program so that we can better understand your needs as an incubator/accelerator, design and collate appropriate support materials and follow up with you as they are developed.

This program is part of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) innovationXchange (iXc) Scaling Frontier Innovation (SFI) initiative. 

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